Disney+ and Hulu combine to provide one-third of U.S. favorites

The acquisition of Hulu by the Walt Disney Company makes the combined power combined of Disney+ and Hulu responsible for one-third of the top U.S. titles.

Disney+ and Hulu combine to provide one-third of U.S. favorites

The study conducted by Ampere Analytics states that Disney+ and Hulu's "catalog size is just behind Amazon Prime Video."

Disney will offer more to viewers through its Hulu acquisition

The current library of Disney's is comprised of animated family favourites and classic favorites aimed at a wide audience.

Ampere's research reveals the fact that "Disney+'s strategy for content is based on its robust Children & Family content portfolio and its tentpole Sci-Fi & Fantasy releases from major franchises. The content library of Hulu would be a great complement to Disney+'s since it has the most popular genres that are currently not being served by Disney+, particularly Crime & Thriller, Romance, and Horror."

Shows with an absence of advanced titles have fueled the acquisition in order to provide more diversity to the streaming platform audience.

Specialized in analysis and market research data, Ampere also notes that "Hulu has more subscribers than Disney+ in the US" in the month of October 2023.

It's been widely known that Disney is looking to be the only place for people who want to stream video on demand. The acquisition of Hulu is only one more acquisition that will expand the existing portfolio of the media giant of IPs and services available to customers.

This isn't the only advancement in the world of top streaming platforms, as Netflix has announced plans to broadcast live sporting events.

Hulu was purchased by Disney

In November of this year, in November, the Walt Disney Company announced the acquisition from the company.

The media giant said "Disney anticipates paying NBCU around $8.61 billion, which is the NBCU share of Hulu's $27.5 billion guaranteed floor value of Hulu which was established when the two companies signed their agreement in the year 2019. This is minus the capital call payments due to NBCU in exchange for Disney."