Google provides an enhanced Generative AI features for cloud customers

Google has revealed a variety of new artificial intelligence features for cloud computing clients, including Gemini Pro for enterprises standing out as a top-of-the-line release.

Google provides an enhanced Generative AI features for cloud customers

According to Bloomberg the tech giant is trying to keep pace with its competitors by utilizing the twin-pronged strategy that includes Microsoft and OpenAI taking big steps in the area of AI.

This week, Google launched Gemini with the assertion that it was the first product that could outperform GPT-4 in a variety of areas, and has now stepped up its offerings with Gemini Pro for businesses.

Developers within the field to develop applications that utilize the Gemini software that has been confirmed. Google Cloud clients will be in a position to profit from chatbots that are powered by AI to build apps and also list resourceful inventory databases.

The report stated that Gemini Pro will be available for free at first for Cloud users, however it will not provide access to all its features. In contrast, Google has indicated that the Cloud AI offering will be "competitively priced"

Google lagging behind

In its most recent announcement, Google put Gemini in the category of "the next step in our journey" to AI and boasted of its "state-of-the-art abilities".

It also aimed to draw attention and eyes off of OpenAI's ChatGPT or, in the opposite direction to compete with the other products. If they succeed it will bring them closer to where they'd like to be, but for the moment the product must be able to perform and attract the attention of customers, which includes Cloud users.

Gemini is available in three sizes: Ultra, Pro, and Nano The latter being rolled out in the beginning.

It was designed to run on mobile devices, allowing accessibility to a wide range of users and with customized versions like Gemini Pro for Bard, the Google chatbot, and a rival to Chat GPT It strives to be at the front and not be able to catch up to OpenAI regardless of the realm of perception or in reality.