Worldcoin is now integrated into Minecraft, Reddit and Shopify

Worldcoin, a crypto company Worldcoin is now integrated to Minecraft, Reddit, Telegram, Shopify and Mercado Libre.

Worldcoin is now integrated into Minecraft, Reddit and Shopify

Worldcoin is a project created by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman - was launched in the spring of this year. Its recently updated version to World ID offers a service that allows you to distinguish between'verified human' and bots online. By creating an online World ID profile and, should you choose scanning your eyes.

For instance, the latest integrations with Worldcoin permit Shopify shop owners to utilize World ID for fraud prevention and offers that are only available for a limited time. Reddit moderators are able to grant permission to users who are using the World ID to ensure they don't post spam.

As TechCrunch said, Tiago Sada the head of Tools for Humanity at Worldcoin stated:

"This isn't just an initial wave of apps however, it's a brand new developer platform that allows developers to build," Sada said. "We're eager to see what developers come up with. [...] the most innovative ideas by developers."

The new levels of World ID integration

The integration is new levels of authentication, resulting in three kinds of world IDs. The first, the casual level requires downloading the Worldcoin application and creating an World ID. At this point there's no need to scan your iris - you just need to set up your profile.

The standard or World ID Orb level requires creating a profile as well as scanning your iris with an Worldcoin Orb, in order to confirm your identity. The 'high' level or World ID Orb+ requires you to use facial recognition in order to be able to use the application protocol.

It's surprising that you don't have to enter a name when creating an World ID. As Sada said:

"You can use it totally in complete anonymity. The sole thing that you'll be doing is showing that you're distinct."

Users are able to create a 'casual' World ID per device However, once you decide to scan an Orb you can only have only one World ID.

In a speech on the benefits from using the World ID system Sada said:

"It's not ideal, but it can assist in stopping people from committing abuse of methods, such as voting 100 times in a poll or having hundreds or even thousands of accounts,"

Worldcoin security of data concerns

Although the cryptocurrency project continues to grow however, it's also facing criticism. In the last year, Kenya banned Worldcoin from scanning its citizens' iris - because it failed to inform users of the required data and security measures that were taken.

Some people have expressed concerns about the fact that Worldcoin is geared towards developing countries and offers those who sign up for 25 WLD tokens (worth approximately $60.50). However, despite this criticism, Worldcoin still maintains steady growth, with 5 million users worldwide having an account with a World ID and 2.6 million users having scanned their irises using the Orb hardware.

In a discussion on Worldcoins expansion, Sada said:

"Five million people are quite a ways from the rest of the world (adopting the concept,)"

"So (2024 will be) about improving things, and as well, reaching all the people in the world."